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Star one Founder Howard White Howard White, Founder
1928 - 2008

Star-One EDM, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Howard White and three of his sons, Mike, Sam and Tim.   Howard recognized that by utilizing the individual talents of each of his boys and by providing his guidance and support that a successful business could be established.   Star-One officially opened its doors on May 1st 1989 in a 660 square foot building with a single wire EDM, three employees and a lot of drive and commitment.  

We had outgrown our initial facilities by the mid 90s and began the process of deciding on a new location, designing our new building and planning our move.   Our current facility is now located in a 6,500 square foot building that is ten times as large as our first.   We have eight EDMs, a fully equipped tool room and 25 years experience   Our customer base has expanded to include over 400 companies.

Howard passed away in 2008, but his vision remains.   His legacy is our mission to provide personally dedicated and unparalleled service to each and every one of our customers.

The White Brothers From 1998, Co-founding brothers Sam, Mike and Tim White discuss the building plans with the contractor at the site of our Shiloh Avenue facility