Celebrating Our 30th Business Anniversary
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Star One EDM Machine shop Facility Our Shiloh Avenue Facility
Star-One has specialized in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) since 1989.   We work with all types of tool steels to produce components used in a wide range of industries from punch and die details for metal stamping to mold and die componments for plastic and rubber extrusion or injection molding.   We also work with non-ferrous materials like graphite, brass and aluminum and more exotic materials such as Tungsten, Molybdenum and Rhenium.   As a general rule, if a material can conduct electricity it can be machined by the EDM process.

Star-One uses accurate, fast cutting, Electrical Discharge Machines (EDMs) to hold tolerances within tenths (.0001") if necessary.   Our Wire EDMs are capable of cutting tapers up to 50 degrees per side and can handle workpiece heights up to 24 inches.   In addition to our full array of wire, sinker and small hole drilling EDM machines, we also have a full compliment of conventional and advanced machine shop facilities including CNC vertical machining, heat treating, honing, milling, turning and grinding equipment.   Our machinists are fully trained veterans of the industry who take pride in finishing your projects to the highest possible standards.

Get answers and quotes fast.  Our robust, fully networked engineering department allows us to quickly import, detail and format your CAD files for quoting price and lead-times.   You can upload your drawing via the contact page and get the process started immediately.   Blueprints and sketches are no problem.   Our experienced staff was working with paper drawings years before CAD/CAM was a functioning reality.   Scan and upload your prints in any popular graphics format, or fax or snail-mail them to us.